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Truly excellent service from the beginning! Friendly, nice and understanding customer service especially Jerry! He helped us with all of the connections and he follow up with us whenever we needed. Truly great company. I recommend them for everyone that is moving to a new place. Makes moving so much easier!
- Eli N.

Very nice service for new homeowners. Research is spot on and we’ll-done, and the assistance in setting up some of the services is very much appreciated.
- Nick H.

I was really impressed with OneSource. I had just bought my home through a broker, and part of who the broker works with is OneSource, so they gave me a call. I thought this would be simply a kinda you rub my back I'll rub yours deal with the broker. However, It was clear with my interactions with OneSource, they have no preference with who you end up going with. They worked with me on my current utilities, cable etc, even had discounts for my current subscriptions. They were very helpful with the local utilities that are different anywhere you go. Top marks on customer service, very pleasant, knowledgeable and dependable folks I talked on the phone with.
- Benjamin S.

Moving to a location I am unfamiliar with, I could not easily learn the name of the electrical utility at my new home. I guessed that the county might provide water service, but a quick look at the county's website left me confused about where to start. When my home inspector provided information on the free services of OneSource, I thought there had to be a catch, but was pleasantly surprised. Nicco Murphy has been incredibly helpful. With a 30 minute conversation, I had details on the utility sources in my new area; options for internet, cable and mobile service; and a moving company and security service recommendations. I opted to make the calls to establish services, but they would have done so on my behalf. OneSource partners with specific providers, but there is no obligation to commit. Armed with the information and options, I can make the choices based on my needs. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them!
- Sharon G.

One Source was a God-send in moving from one state to the next for setting up all of our utilities at once. Our consultant, Tina, was pleasant to work with and very prompt in replying to all of our requests. Our agent informed us of this service and it is highly recommended!

So easy to deal with, friendly, and patient! Answered all of my questions and got my utilities set up in 10 minutes! So glad my home inspector offered their services and I will be recommending to anyone I know that's moving into a new home.
- Meagan M.

Happy with results. Ashley went through the process efficiently and knowledgeably. As a "do-it-yourself'er" i wasn't planning on using the service but it has removed additional items of my list of things to do and when moving, I can use all the help I can get.
- Mattie Y

Their service exceeded my expectations. It was a quick and smooth transition of all our utilities to the new address and I will definitely recommend them to my family and friends!
- Karolina H.

I was pleasantly surprised how helpful and what great follow up OneSource Solutions had! They helped with setting up all the utilities for our first home. They even called to remind us of things when we thought we were all done, they let us know what was outstanding. They helped make everything very organized and streamlined. I would recommend!
- Micaela H.

Fantastic service that took alot of the stress out if my life to where I was able to take care of other important matters. It was a win win situation and if I had the chance ti use them again I would. I will also make sure anyone I meet knows of the services they provide.
- Sharon C.

OneSource Solutions did a great job! I’m very busy and they took some busy work off my plate!
- Colleen P.

It was a pleasure to have One Source Solutions as the company to perform inspection on the property I was about to buy. A lot stuff was found during such and after the seller fixed all items I was able to close on the sale. After the transaction, One Source Solutions helped me with the connection of all utilities. They setup all transactions with my authorization and I was able to move in without any problems. One Source Solutions is the way to go!!
- David R.

As a young real estate agent, I have recommended this service, based on reviews from my fellow agents and my broker, to my clients in the past. However, I am going through the process of buying my second home and decided to give them a try. It was quick and painless and FREE. I even asked the representative who worked with me how they could provide the service for free. She mentioned that they provide other services/products beyond the standard transferring of utilities which do involve fees. I only used this company to help transfer utilities to my new home and cannot vouch for the other services they offer; however, they were very helpful in cutting out some of the headache of moving and I am appreciative of that. I will definitely continue recommend them to my buyers going forward.
- Justin W.

They were super helpful with setting up my utilities and internet service. I don’t have much free time to be making calls, so they were able to do most of the work for me. Very pleased!
- Mitch W.

I was able to save almost 40 dollars on my cable bill with this service. I am amazed and grateful. I have been trying for months to get this bill down. Everyone has been quick to call me back, and friendly. I would highly recommend this service to anyone moving. I wish I could do all my bill reviews with these guys! I was able to learn about all my options with moving fees etc. Even without choosing the moving service, it was good to know which options were available and to know some current pricing.
- Hilary S.

Incredibly helpful. They provided seamless activation to four services -- and I personally had to do nothing.
- Marco S.

I don't think I've ever had a more pleasant customer experience than working with OneSource Solutions. Their services were offered to me as I'm buying a new house. They work with the real estate company I went through, and everything was complimentary. They treated me with incredible respect, and were a delight to talk to. I had talked to David and two other people (unfortunately, I do not recall their names), and every single one of them set the bar for exceptional service. I would not hesitate to refer anyone to this company if they were looking for this kind of service.
- Ronald P.

One source solutions made our life so much easier for our closing date! They had everything lined up and ready to go so we did not have to worry about anything. We would 100% recommend using them in the future! Friendly customer service and simple process to make life a lot easier.
- Holly R.

OneSource Solutions made it really easy to plug into the Energy, trash, Water connections and ensure you have reminders and account set with all these companies. It takes away one stress from the moving experience Thank you again for the service.
- Sujit N.

Very happy with the services provided. Made signing up for utilities at our new location seem like a walk in the park, especially for someone moving from out of state. Thank you!
- Radu S.

They were wonderful they helped with everything. Especially since I was out of state trying to get everything done I highly recommend this service.
- Elisa T.

Great service. One stop shopping for all utilities and services needed when moving into a new home. I can’t think of any reason not to use.
- John L.

We're moving from Illinois to Missouri and have limited knowledge of the utilities and services in our new neighborhood. It was extraordinary service provided by One Source Solutions that made setting up everything so easy. We highly recommend them!
- Margaret S.

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