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Partner Program : Partner Program FAQ's

Which Areas do you Service?

 Our service is available Nationwide.

What happens if my Client's Closing Date Changes?

If your client's closing date changes just contact us via email or phone and we will call the home services that we connected and request the date change.*Please notify OneSource immediately if the closing date changes.  *We will stay with your client from start to finish.  

What are your hours of operation?

Normal business hours are 7:00 am to7:00 pm CST. Monday through Friday. We are also available after these hours and on Saturday and Sunday via emergency contact numbers.
*We do set Saturday and Sunday appointments for clients that need these days. 

How are you able to offer the service for free?

 We work with all of the Phone, TV, and Internet companies. These companies compensate us for the business we produce. The upside for the client is we are able to present all of the providers that are available in their area. This allows for a relaxing and informative shopping experience. We do not push one provider over the other. We compare the services side by side and the client chooses what is best for their family. Working with the paying companies allow us to assist with the utility connections. We are not compensated from the utility companies.