One Source Solutions Inc. BBB Business Review

Partner Program

Affiliate partners now have access to a host of services designed to enhance an affiliates brand loyalty by cultivating an ongoing relationship whereas the affiliate partner and OneSource Solutions mutually benefit from one another's marketing initiatives.

  • Easy utility help: Free assistance with identifying and connecting home services such as: television, Internet, gas, water, electric and other services in one convenient phone call.

  • Unbiased comparisons for every provider that services their new move in address for television, Internet and home phone service

  • Customers will receive a comprehensive security package for $99 up front with a rebate of $100

  • Sears personal shopper discount program: Discounts up to 30% of their purchases on appliances and other products.


"Great experience from rep. Helped my client and gave me great customer service and follow up."

"Kimberly and her team where great helping me when I transferred services during Frontier's crazy take over from Verizon....they stayed on top of things and even in very challenging times were professional. YAY TEAM...*******"