OneSource Solutions is a FREE service!

One Call Connects It All!
  • NO Researching Home Service Providers
  • NO Multiple Phone Calls
  • NO Long Hold times
  • NO Trying to Determine the Best Deals

On behalf of Brookfield Global Relocation Services, OneSource Solutions is being offered to you FREE of charge. OneSource Solutions is a Convenience service that assists with the identification, selection, and connection of Gas, Water, Electric, Phone, TV, Internet and much more in 1 phone call for FREE.


Should you have any questions about your Lump Sum policy, entitlement or any other questions relating to your assignment, please contact a BGRS moveXpert via the "Help" Section of or by phone at 1.800.210.0299 ext. 61 + 6042 or Direct Dial at +1 480.778.6042.